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Current Customers

Please contact your Customer Support Team and provide all relevant details to investigate this further.

Yes, please contact our Customer Support team to provide all relevant details in order to receive invoices via email.

Please login to your MyMST account and download a copy of your (VAT) invoice.

Yes, in some countries VAT is applicable for tolls payment. MSTS Tolls will provide you with a separate VAT invoice per country for the VAT reclaim purposes.

Please login to your MyMST account to run a custom report on all transactions.

Please send an email to our Customer Support team with all relevant details and we’ll update our records.

Please click on “Forgot Password” on the Portal’s homepage. The system will ask you for your username and ask you to create a new password.

Please contact our Customer Support team and request login details.

Please login to MyTolls and go to products>order products>boxes.

Please login to MyTolls to see if the product has been ordered. If it has not arrived after one week, contact your Customer Support team.

Please login to MyTolls to order your products.

Please login to MyTolls and block your products.

Please login to MyTolls to easily switch the products. The system will display all products and vehicles linked to them.

In most countries, you have to pay tolls for busses. Please check MyTolls for the relevant products. It is indicated per product whether these are suitable for buses and/or trucks.

With TOLL2GO you can also use the German Toll Collect On-Board Unit (OBU) for the Austrian toll roads. Registration with TOLL2GO is only possible via GO Maut Selfcareportal.

Please find the list of Satellic Service Points here.

Yes, Toll2Go payment method is the MSTS Tolls card.

Please login to MyTolls and cancel the autorenewal in your Manage Eurovignette screen.

In case of constant RED light, please immediately stop driving and follow the emergency procedure.

In case of constant RED light, please immediately stop driving and follow the emergency procedure. In other cases, please contact your Customer Support Team.

For Axxes Box:  Call Emergency line +33 426 29 75 80
For Telepass SAT: Call Emergency Hotline +39 055 93 68 001

Please contact your Customer Support Team.

Four short beeps indicates that the toll has not been paid properly. Please stop at the nearest GO point-of-sale (within 5 hours or 100 km) and pay the outstanding amount. If necessary, a replacement OBU will be given to you.

You can pay the difference between the amount of the right number of axles and the incorrect registered number of axles within 96 hours in the Selfcare Portal or by calling ASFINAG Service Center at +43 1 955 12 66.

The toll transaction did not occur. Please go immediately to a Contact or Distribution point, which are located on toll roads and at the main access routes to the network of toll roads. For a complete list, check it here.

Go to a DARS service customer center to pay the unpaid toll and further tolls. It is not possible to order a replacement via MyTolls portal. Please visit www.darsgo.si and order a new OBU. The OBU should be picked up at the border. You can request a replacement for your ViaCard or Telepass via MyTolls.

Please go to the relevant service counter at the gate of the Westerscheldetunnel to register a manual transaction. Don’t forget to return the defective T-Tag.

Please call the TollCollect hotline: 00800 0 222 26 28 

Prospective Customers

Complete our contact form and we’ll follow up with you asap.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) has global coverage and provides positioning data using time signals from satellites. GNSS devices use these data to determine location.

Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) is a short-range wireless technology that allows vehicles to communicate with the road infrastructure.

EETS stands for European Electronic Toll Service. Select the EETS FAQ tab above for more details.


The EU commission wants to make it easier to drive and pay tolls in Europe with a unified electronic tolls system. Ultimately, HGVs will be able to travel within Europe using one interoperable box to pay all European tolls. For trucking companies, this means a single contract with one service provider, one on-board unit (OBU) covering multiple toll domains (motorways, tunnels, bridges etc.) and one invoice. The EU commission established EETS requirements in 2009.

The European Electronic Tolls Service (EETS) is a single electronic system for toll payments. Today every EU country has its own toll system that charges based on time (vignette) or distance traveled (on-board unit). For trucking companies, this results in higher costs and creates an administrative burden. Companies are forced to manage separate payment solutions for each country. The associated contracts and payments must be arranged with multiple providers.

According to the EETS Directive, Member States are obliged to meet EETS requirements in their toll domains. Currently,  Austria, Belgium (including Liefkenshoek tunnel), Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Norway, Storebaelt and Oresund bridges, Portugal, A4 road in Poland, Spain and Switzerland use an EETS solution. Slovenia and Poland are expected to join EETS.

EETS devices are used with distance-based systems, as a result, many countries are switching from time to distance-based systems. This is the first step towards  EETS compliance. Bulgaria is currently transitioning, and the Netherlands has announced it will replace Eurovignettes by 2023.

The more toll domains a box is certified to handle, the fewer OBUs are required in trucks. MSTS’ solution covers nine countries, one tunnel and four bridges. Adding new domains to your device is easy with an over the air update, by the click of a button.

Yes, the MSTS tolls solution is EETS compliant and can be used to pay tolls in Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Poland A4 toll road, and Liefkenshoek tunnel. MSTS will continue to add domains as they’re released.

Yes, we have received EETS registration in the Netherlands and we are currently in the process of accreditation in each EETS toll domain. MSTS will launch the box by 2021.

MSTS plans to cover all available EETS toll domains and include new domains as they become available.

The fee for the use of the box will be announced when all functionalities and additional services have been determined.

MSTS Tolls will help determine which option best fits the needs of your fleet and is most cost effective for your business. MSTS Tolls will provide special assistance to make the switch seamless, if a box change is required.

MSTS Tolls has a long history of supporting fleets with tolls and using technology to create efficiencies and remove friction. Becoming an EETS provider is the next logical step to providing an industry-leading tolling solution.

We’re researching the most important and advanced features for our EETS box.

To attain EETS registration, the box must pass multiple reliability tests in each toll domain.

Eventually, interoperable boxes will be certified across all European toll domains. Therefore, ease of installation and use will be important factors.  You should also consider additional services your toll partner provides – such as a user-friendly customer portal. The customer portal should provide a clear overview and control of toll products for your fleet, which means less administrative burden for your team and fewer fines. Also, the tolls cost calculation tool allows you to choose the most cost-efficient itinerary for your trucks.

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